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 GoodBye For Now

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PostSubject: GoodBye For Now   GoodBye For Now EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 11:44 pm

well, im saying godbye to L2... though i have a lots of thing to do....
i dont know if i ever come back, but i hope deeply that this server grows.
i thank to Cassiopeia all the things she's done for the server, she was always available to help in the way she can.
my good regards to you, like ive said once... im your nÂș 1 fan.... if u need any help contact me... i will be watching the server as much as i can.
And to the new players... dont make Cass angry and take care of her, she deserves to be treated with respect for what she has done.
Well thats all i needed to say.
Good Bye Linewars server... maybe some day ill return.
Mery Christmas and happy new year
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GoodBye For Now
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