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 Future Update Ideas

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Future Update Ideas Empty
PostSubject: Future Update Ideas   Future Update Ideas EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 1:37 am

Ok here are my ideas for the future.

* Adding a wider selection of Top-Grade Life Stones and increasing their price by a fixed rate based on the quality of the Life Stone.
* Adding B-Grade Weapons, if that would make a difference to Oly fights
* Adding Giant's Codex in Coins of Luck Section. 10 Coins = 10 GC. More or less.
* Adding Suspicious Merchant in Giran, who obviously won't be able to move.
(today I've met 2 new players who have no clue who's Suspicious merchant and where/how to find him)
* Symbol Maker (I'm not lazy, but if it is a shopping area, it's supposed to have everything, amirite?)
* Attribute Master (Aden-Giran, all the way just for 1 thing)
* Sub-Class Manager (can't live without the NPC below)
* Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde (loves playing poker together with NPC above)
* Information NPC (Information is a very powerful source in our world, and the more information new players get, the easier it will be for them and there is more probability that they'll stay. If our respected Administration doesn't have time for this piece of add-on, then I will gladly create an info topic and a mini-guide in understanding the server for new players, and all you'll have to fo is to put it inside the Info NPC)

-----Gameplay and PvP----------------------------------

Last Man Standing
Capture the Flag
Raid Boss Event
*Adding choice to vote for the event. Democracy FTW!!!
*CP Potions Sellable: 100 CP = 20-25 CoL. More or less.
*Full Bottle of 5/10 Souls Sellable
*PvP Area: Gracia/Hellbound areas which will be separated from the farming zones.
*Custom Flag Zone
*And for balance reasons: Max 12 Songs/Dances.

I will be updating this section if I get more ideas.


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Future Update Ideas
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