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 Curse Fear

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PostSubject: Curse Fear   Curse Fear EmptyFri Jan 07, 2011 11:13 pm

well today i saw that mages with Fear +30 landed 90% more or less,, ive only resisted 1 Fear of 10 landed on me, and i have Mental shield, antharas, zaken, and passive skills enchanted in "Resist abnormal state".
i have debuffs like Curse fear +30 in my Kamael, but it only works 1/6 maybe.
and thats not only on me, on tanks too.
i think if u fixed my skills because that was unbalance, now u can fix that skill because that is unbalance.

ps: im not angry with Cass, just i was sad yesterday.

greetings Tisev
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PostSubject: Re: Curse Fear   Curse Fear EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 12:10 am

Skill "Curse of Fear" isn't overpowered. If a +0 Curse of Fear was doing that effect on you, then yes then it would be overpowered.
But it's normal to have, I would say much much less than 80% of success on the average player, when its enhance is +30.

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Curse Fear
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