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 KAMAEL BUFF - Curse Of divinity

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KAMAEL BUFF - Curse Of divinity Empty
PostSubject: KAMAEL BUFF - Curse Of divinity   KAMAEL BUFF - Curse Of divinity EmptyFri Jan 07, 2011 3:29 am

Skill "Curse of Divinity" Inflicts non-attribute damage on the enemy with 96 Power added to M. Atk. Power changes depending on the target's altered state condition.

* Depending on the target's "Altered" state condition. For example buffs.
As many buffs a character has as many power of damage shall he receive.

Obviously That could bring great unbalance between Kamael Race and other races, and it has until we disabled it as a lot of similar PvP servers have already done. (If you do the necessary research you will see for yourselves that there have been a lot of complains on that skill)

Until we found maybe a more "delicate" solution on that the skill will remain without the " add ". Simply for balance purposes.

I'm sure that a lot of Kamael Race users will be disappointed but this is the only solution for now. If they look things from an independent view they will see that
this is a right move.

Retai-like is not always the best. See in an official server a skill like that wouldn't do much harm to balance since there are not as many buffs there on a PvP server
on a player.

I hope you understand our point and respect that change.

Thank you.
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KAMAEL BUFF - Curse Of divinity
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